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We see this situation often when two account holders wish to split the fees or tuition associated with their student’s SOR experience.  This has to be done manually each month so keeping a tracker or reminder for yourself is critical!  Here are the steps to complete a split payment in Pike13 correctly:


1.  Ensure that the two payers are Account Managers of the student and both have valid credit cards on file.  In this example, Cindy Brady is the student, and is managed by both Carol Brady and Mike Brady.




Via Cindy's Pike13 profile, scroll down on the right to verify her account is managed by both payers.  Also ensure that each payer has a card on file (see credit card icon next to each name).




You can also see Cindy's Account Managers after searching for her under "Clients".  Both Account Managers should appear below her name as shown above.


If one of the intended payers is not listed as an Account Manager on the student's profile:

1.  Go to said payer's Pike13 profile and scroll down on the right side, click on Manage Current Client

2.  Scroll down and under "Managed clients", add the student to the "Manage Current Client" field

3.  Click Save.


If one of the intended payers does not have a credit card icon by their name (see first photo):

1.  Go to said payer's Pike13 profile and click Payment Methods on the right side

2. On the next page, click the green button "+ Add New Card" 

3.  Enter the card credentials on the next page

4.  Click Save.


2.  Go to the student's Pike13 profile and proceed to initiate the transaction/plan.  Add two payment methods when checking out and assign one to each of the Account Managers' credit cards on file.

Go to the student's Pike13 profile (in this example Cindy) and click the shopping cart icon "New Purchase".  ***NOTE:  The purchase has to be initiated specifically from the student's profile!





Find the item you wish to purchase.  In this example we are selling her a "Performance Program - 45 Minute Lessons" plan for a total of $300 per month.


Tip:  If you need to make any changes to the total cost of the desired purchase (discounts, pro-rating, etc), you can click the gear icon and make these changes prior to the next step of the procedure




After you have selected the desired purchase, click the green Secure Checkout button.

On the next page, you will want to immediately click "+ Add another payment" to open a second payment field.  See the screenshot below.




Assign each Account Manager's cards respectively to the two payment fields and split the total balance as needed.  In this example, Mike Brady's card will be billed $150, and Carol Brady's card will be billed $150, totaling in the full $300 due for Cindy's plan.




Click the green "Finish" button

On the next page, you will see the Bill receipt/details with a remaining balance reading $0.00




3.  Remember to email a copy of the receipt to both Account Managers!

On the Bill receipt/details page of the just-purchased plan, on the right side click "Email a Copy" and enter one of the Account Manager's email addresses.  Repeat this step again for the second Account Manager.  This ensures both receive a record of the split payment transaction.


Screen_Shot_2022-06-27_at_4.24.56_PM.png                                      Screen_Shot_2022-06-27_at_4.25.04_PM.png


In Practice

While there are a few non-sanctioned workarounds floating about to complete split payments in Pike13,  the errors and inconsistencies amongst these methods often result in more harm than good.  The best method is to have Account Managers sort it out on their own and have one pay in full and the other reimburse. Suggest using Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or one of the many other payment platforms to pay one another for their share of the student’s tuition.  If this is not possible, the above procedure will ensure proper reporting and successful transactions for both parties through Pike13.





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  • Avatar
    Kevin Drew

    Hi Sean, once this is done for a client's initial set up, will it be a recurring autopay by default, or will we need to do this split payment each month?

  • Avatar
    Sean Briskey

    You will need to manually do this each month.

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