Dialpad for Franchisees


How do I sign up? 

First, read this guide entirely. Then, if you want to proceed, begin the process by using the
Franchisee Dialpad Account Registration Form


How does the billing process work?

Each franchisee will receive a monthly invoice directly from DialPad. Multi-location owners will receive separate invoices for each location. Payments are transacted via credit card. Transactions are set to autopay on the 19th of every month. Credit card information will need to be entered by the franchisee.


How much will it cost?

Please note: Cost estimates are based on pricing from late 2022/early 2023 and may change


Software Licenses

Dailpad uses “Talk” licenses for each user that requires access (General Manager, Studio Coordinator, etc). 

A “Room” license is also required for desk phones.  Desk phones give the ability to share a phone with all users that do not have licenses (ex. Front desk phone). 

  • Talk licenses are $18.75/mo per user.
  • Room licenses are $18.75/mo per license. (1 license is required for each physical phone)


Phone Lines

Each school location comes with 1 mainline.  This will be your school phone number. Additional lines are $7.00/mth. 



It is not necessary to use physical desk phones to operate Dialpad. Some company schools no longer utilize physical phones & run completely over computers and/or mobile devices.

In cases where a physical phone is preferred, Dialpad has moved away from Polycom and established a partnership with Yealink. Dialpad is still supporting Polycom on the network, however, we can never guarantee that they will remain supported.


Estimated Monthly Costs:


  • 2 Talk Licenses

  • 1 Additional Line 

  • 2 Room Licenses



  • 3 Talk Licenses


    2 Room Licenses




Accounts Required

All users are required to obtain an SoR Okta Email address. Users cannot be created in Dialpad without an @schooofrock.com email address.


Local Network

It is very important to make sure your school has good network equipment to run Dialpad. SoR IT Support cannot support troubleshooting local network issues. Please carefully read the articles below before signing up for Dialpad. 


Number Porting

Number porting is the process of transferring an active phone number from an existing phone service provider to another. See this document on how to port a phone number into Dialpad. 

School of Rock IT can provide guidance but is unable to support the number porting process. 


Canceling Old Phone Service

Most service providers will automatically close your account if you port out an active phone number. It is strongly advised to call your old carrier ("losing carrier") to confirm that your account was closed. Also, it is important to make sure your data service is not interrupted. This may happen if you bundle the phone and Data service with your losing carrier. 



Franchisee Responsibilities

User Management 

Franchisees are responsible for managing staff member access to Dialpad. At this time, our termination process will not remove users from Dialpad. Team users who have office admin access will have privileges to add/remove users. Read this article on how to remove a user from Dialpad. 

Add/Remove Team Users 

Deleting a team user from Dialpad does not remove the extension phone number.  The number will become unassigned and placed in SoR's generic reserved pool. This allows us to reuse the number for a new user. This is useful in case there are a few phone numbers in a particular area code. 

If the phone number is not reused within a reasonable amount of time, SoR IT may release the number.


License Management

Always make sure to check the number of licenses assigned to the Office. Dialpad will charge you for all licenses, even if they are not in use. Licenses can be removed but must be done via a request to helpdesk@schoolofrock.com

Please note: Due to our custom billing structure, School of Rock cannot frequently remove licenses. Please budget accordingly during sign-up.


Text Messaging (UPDATE)

Pricing Changes for SMS/MMS in April

New fees imposed by the US Mobile Carriers for registering your organization and sending SMS/MMS have forced Dialpad to stop offering unlimited SMS/MMS as part of your Dialpad Talk license; Dialpad will however cover the cost of the first 250 outbound SMS/MMS of every Talk license. Each message beyond the first 250 will cost $0.008. Details can be found here.


Dialpad Text messaging is designed for one-to-one communications with clients and staff only. Advertisement and marketing promotions through text messaging are strictly prohibited. 

Please read this article for more information. CAN-SPAM ACT 


Voicemail Greetings

School of Rock will provide standard, pre-recorded greetings. Alternative greetings are the responsibility of the local school.



School of Rock IT will allocate a range of 4 digit extensions for each office. Extensions are used to dial between School of Rock locations. Please reach out to helpdesk@schoolofrock.com to learn which extensions are available. 


Call Routing 

School of Rock IT uses standardized settings for call routing. Team Users who have admin privileges will have the ability to adjust call routing. Changes to call routing can adversely affect your incoming and outgoing calls. Always reach out to SoR IT Support for any questions. 


Share Login Access

Do not share login information or attempt to use 1 account for multiple users. This violates Dialpad’s licensing agreements and School of Rock IT policy. 


How to Get Support

For general questions contact SoR Help Desk at helpdesk@schoolofrock.com. School of Rock IT will be available to help with all general needs. 

Dialpad also has an extensive help center page - Dialpad Help Center

You may also call Dialpad support at (855) 735-2644. 


Note: SOR IT has limited support for number porting and issues related to a school's local network. These topics will be relayed to Dialpad support for further assistance.




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