Submitting P&L Statements with Franconnect and Quickbooks


Part I

Getting Financial Data out of Pike13:

In Pike13 go to Analytics and Reporting.

On the right menu click Financials.

In the bottom section click Transactions by Invoice Item.

Once on the report screen click Details.

This will reveal two additional buttons, Filters and Columns.

Click Filters.

  • New Filter

From the drop-down menu select Transaction Date > Is Between > The Desired Date Range.

Click Finish.

This will generate the filtered report.

Now click Summary to return to the summary view.

Above the report you will see two additional dropdown menus Transactions by Invoice Item Details grouped by Product Name.

Change Product Name to Revenue Category.

You can enter the values in the Total Payment Amount column into the corresponding row in your P&L submission if submitting manually, or enter these figures into Quickbooks.

Part II

Submitting P&L Statements in Franconnect

Login to Franconnect.

Click the Finance tab.

Click Profit and Loss Statement


If using the Quickbooks Integration:

Click the green Import P&L from Quickbooks button.

If this is your first time submitting, you will need to import your Chart of accounts from Quickbooks and map it to the chart of accounts in Franconnect.

Click click here.

A pop-up window will appear asking you to authorize the connection between Quickbooks and Franconnect by entering your Quickbooks credentials, or if you are already logged into Quickbooks simply click authorize.

*make sure your browser does not block this window (in Chrome you will see a red x on the URL bar)*

This will then load the mapping page.

To map, drag the item on the left from your Chart of Accounts to the corresponding category on the right side Quickbooks Standard chart of Accounts.

You can map multiple items to a single field on the right side. If you find your categories don’t match completely, try to map it to the most appropriate category available.

Once finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.


If you own multiple units, you will select the school you are submitting for.

Select the Statement Period.

Click continue.

On the following page review the amounts for each category and submit.


Submitting Manually:

Click the blue New profit and Loss Statement button.

If you own multiple units, you will select the school you are submitting for.

Otherwise, just select the Statement Period.

Click continue.

On the following page enter the financial data for each category and submit.

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