Utilizing YourSix Alarm Systems


A guide to effectively using your in-school cameras for alarms

How do the cameras work as an alarm system?

There are 2 types of cameras in SoR schools.  One for general areas like lesson and rehearsal rooms and another for areas where someone could enter the school.  The latter, called PIR cameras,  have the capability to tell if movement occurs inside or outside of glass and can also tell the difference between a person moving and, for example, a chair falling over.

The PIR cameras are part of the alarm system and will signal an alert if they identify movement within a school.  This negates the need for door and window sensors because the cameras can tell when a person enters the school.

Generally, users do not need to turn the alarms on and off as they run on a schedule based on the school's normal open and closed times.  A mobile app is used to arm and disarm the systems outside of these times. 

Where do I get the Mobile App?

For Android Devices

The mobile app for Android devices can be found in the Google Play Store.  Search for the app using the term “YourSix SmartSecure”.  The Developer’s name is YourSix.

For Apple Devices

The mobile app for Apple devices can be found in the Apple App Store.  Search for the app using the term “YourSix SmartSecure”.  The Developer’s name is YourSix.

Who has access to the alarm system?

The following roles are granted access to arm and disarm the system.  Requests for exceptions should be submitted to the school’s Director of Operations for approval.

  • General Manager
  • Assistant General Manager
  • Studio Coordinator
  • Music Director

Alarm Schedules

By default, alarms are turned on and off automatically based on a schedule that the general manager defines.  This schedule should account for the time staff is normally in the building.  For example, if students arrive at a school at 1 pm, and the staff arrives at 12:30 pm to prepare, the scheduled Alarm Off-Time would begin at 12:30 pm or slightly earlier.  The same would be true for the time staff leaves the school and the alarm is turned on.  As an example, if the school closes to students at 9 pm, the staff will likely need a few minutes to straighten up before they leave.  Therefore the alarms will arm at 9:30 pm.

Changes to alarm schedules are made by the IT department.  If a general manager would like to change their school’s schedule, a help desk request should be made via email to helpdesk@schoolofrock.com.  Scheduling requests that fall outside of normal business hours will be reviewed with the Chief Operating Officer for approval.

Arming and Disarming the System

Using the Mobile App

  1. Open the YourSix application from your Android or Apple device.
  2. If presented, with a choice of schools, choose the school you would like to control. (see fig 1)                                                           mceclip2.png
  3. The alarm controls will be presented at the top of the screen. They can be accessed by pressing the arrow highlighted below 


  1. There are three settings available.
    1. AUTO – This is the setting the camera system should almost always be on
    2. ARM – Use this setting when the system needs to be armed during hours that are not normally covered by the standard schedule. When this setting is used, the system will not disarm according to the normal schedule.
    3. DISARM – Use this setting when the system needs to be disarmed during hours that are not normally covered by the standard schedule. When this setting is used, the system will not arm according to the normal schedule.

Critical Knowledge: Each of the settings listed above place the alarm system in a permanent state.  For example, if the user chooses, the "Arm" setting.  The alarm will be permanently set in that state until another setting is chosen. The system will not revert to the "Auto" state unless the changes the setting to "Auto".  This is helpful for holidays and other times that create unique scheduling situations where schools do not follow the standard schedule.

Using the Web Interface

  1. Using your computer’s web browser, navigate to yoursix.com
  2. Login with the same credentials you were issued for the app
  3. If presented, with a choice of schools, choose the school you would like to control


Holiday hours will vary by school and may even vary from year to year at the same school.  When your school is closed for a holiday, use the ARM function when exiting the school before the holiday.  This is will enable the alarm until you return. 

Note: The DISARM or AUTO functions must be used to turn off the alarm when returning to the school.

Cleaning Crews

Most schools have cleaning crews.  It is preferred that GMs define specific times for the cleaning crews to work.  If this is not possible, the next preferred method is to have school access coordinated via the GM, where the GM opens the school remotely as needed.  The least preferred method is to provide the cleaning crew with alarm access (this option must be approved by a Director of Operations).    

Building Maintenance and Management Access

Most schools have lease requirements that state the owner or their designee must have access to the building.  If possible, it is preferred that building owners or their designee contact GMs to coordinate access as needed. If this is not possible, an alarm account must be created for the Owner and any designees.  This can be done via a helpdesk request sent to helpdesk@schoolofrock.com

What happens when the alarm is triggered?

When a camera is armed and an event triggers the system, a voice will be heard from the camera announcing the event. The alarm monitoring service will immediately review the camera feed.  If the event appears to require immediate police or other emergency response, the monitoring company will dispatch emergency resources.  Otherwise, the main phone at the school will be called.  If the main phone is not answered, a call to the GM will be made.  You must provide your school's secret word or phrase when this happens.  If you do not know your school's phrase, please contact the help desk.   


Logins for school cameras and alarms are intended for use only by the person they were issued to. All School of Rock alarm users must utilize a schoolofrock.com account for access.  Sharing your login with anyone is strictly prohibited and could result in corrective action up to and including termination.

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