Disabling Cameras and FaceTime on iPads


By default, cameras and FaceTime are enabled for use on iPads.  For the safety of our students, it is recommended that this functionality is disabled on all devices unless required for a business need.  The following steps will allow managers to disable these functions

  1. Tap the Settings on your iPhone or iPad. This will launch the Settings menu of your devicemceclip0.png
  2. Scroll down and tap Screen Time.  The Screen Time icon looks like an hourglass on a purple background

  3. Tap Turn on Screen TimeIMG-00402.png

  4. Tap Continue

  5. Tap This is My Child's iPad

  6. Tap Not Now on the Downtime screen

  7. Tap Not Now on the App Limits screen

  8. Tap Continue on the Content and Privacy screen

  9. Enter a Screen Time passcode that can be remembered by the managers of your schoolIMG-0050._2png.png

  10. Confirm the passcode by entering it a second time

  11. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions. The Content & Privacy Restrictions icon looks like a "No" symbol on a red backgroundIMG-00512.png

  12. Enable the Content & Privacy Restrictions Toggle.  It should be greenIMG-00382.png

  13. Tap on Allowed Apps

  14. Disable the FaceTime and Camera Toggles IMG-00392.png

  15. Back out to the main screen

  16. The Camera and FaceTime icons will no longer appear on the device


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